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General InterestAlbums and photos of things not related specifically to Sim Racing.
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ACS Track Day - July 18th, 2015

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Ford Tent at the International Experimental Aircraft Association's Annual Fly-In in Oshkosh, WI. - Photos by Budman89799


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Gran TurismoScreen shots and photos from within Gran Turismo
Project CARS picsScreen shots and photos from within Project CARS
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Season 1 Cars & Drivers


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Racing RigsPics of member's sim racing setups.

Show the world how you race to the front.
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Teamsousa's Rig (a.k.a Maximus Decimus Meridius)


The rig is a GTRevolution, this is a work in progress. The rig is setup for racing, FPS gaming and general computer use. I am not a big fan of connecting and disconnecting components so the rig is modified to have everything accessible no matter what I am playing. Future plans are too integrate a hotas (flying controls) for flying sims.

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B-RAD (DocSlap) Racing Rig


Triple screen setup with AOC E2752VH

Base is built out of 3/4" plywood, 2x6, and 4x6 construction. Then I carpeted the top and sides. Also built a monitor table top that the triple screen stand sits on.
The seat is a PlaySeat Evolution Black. I added the rail kit to it as well as the shifter plate.
My G910 Orion Spark keyboard and G500 mouse sit on a Obutto swivel keyboard tray. The mounted the keyboard tray to a 2x4. That 2x4 is mounted to the side of my chair base.
5.1 surround speakers are installed. The rears are attached to a piece of alumenium the double sided stronge tape. I used a U bolt to mount the aluminum bar to my PlaySeat chair through the holes at the top.

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RolandKSP's Rig


This is my Rig as of October 2016. I just rebuilt the PC and display setup last month. I went with a 40" 4k display pushed by an i7-6700k and GTX 1080.

One of my favorite parts of this rig is the "real" race car engine start button I converted to use with the pc. I mounted this below the button box. The toggle switch turns on the light and makes the button active and the start button can be mapped like any other.

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F1_Racer68's Rig


This album shows the continuous and ongoing evolution of my sim racing rig. What started as a simple wheel stand made of leftover scraps of wood has evolved into a full blown cockpit (also made of leftover scraps of wood).

From a simple wheel stand, it has evolved to a full cockpit with "center console" for shifter and button box, triple screens and inverted G27 pedals. As my hardware continue to evolve, so does my rig. The mods to wheel, pedals, etc ensure that it will never be truly "finished".

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Real World RidesShare pics of your daily driver.
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Real World Rides


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Random files
2016 Ford GT83 views
ogdougynutty's Pocket Racer46 viewsWhen ogdougynutty isn't racing online, he's at a track somewhere racing this.
2016 Ford GT43 views
56 viewsTriple monitor mount, had to get a little creative with this mount to make secure and still allow for adjustment.
Stage 4: The Full Racing Cockpit66 viewsPainting is finally done.
47 viewsThe rig was pusched up against my desk, I ended up moving to a smaller house which had a much smaller office and the desk took up to much room. I removed the desk and added a monitor mount, I used the mouting pole from an old entertainment center.
Stage 3: The G27 Modification58 viewsAfter upgrading to the Logitech G27 wheel, I made several modifications to the wheel stand including a mounting location for the shifter and mounting the pedals in an inverted position. While it worked well, this is the point where the office chair begins to let me down. The stiffer brake pedal meant the chair would creep backwards under heavy braking.

Last additions
Right side39 viewsLatest version, now with true triple screensOct 10, 2016
Left Side37 viewsLatest version, now with true triple screensOct 10, 2016
Driver's View52 viewsLatest version, now with true triple screensOct 10, 2016
The Buttkicker43 viewsOriginally, the Buttkicker mount that came with my chair was mounted to the bottom frame. Pretty much 180 degrees from where it is now. I had to turn it up so high that it was clipping and I could still barely feel it. I removed the mount and bolted it right to the bottom of the seat and it's been great. I was worried about drilling the mounting holes directly into the seat tub but nothing has come loose or cracked since.Oct 10, 2016
The Computer43 viewsI built this specifically for sim racing. It is VR ready although I don't have a headset yet.

Asus Hero VIII
250GB Samsung 950 PRO M.2 SSD
250GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD
Corsair H115i Cooler
Oct 10, 2016
The Chair42 viewsThe seat is an rSeat EVO 1. I like that I can move this pretty easy and it can hug the wall pretty tight. In it's current position, it's permanent but before this I had to drag it in front of the TV and put it away often. The only modifications I made other than the Buttkicker mount was drilling for the Fanatec hardware. The Evo 1 came in two flavors and mine was the logitech one. Nothing a drill couldn't fix.Oct 10, 2016
The Wheel44 viewsI started my sim racing with the G27 and moved in to the Fanatec Clubsport set. There is the v2 base, the v3 pedals w/dampner acc, the v1.5 shifter (without seq), and the BMW rim. Not much to say about that. I upgraded because I didn't like the ffb dead spot in the center on the G27 and now with the Fanatec, it's gone.Oct 10, 2016
The Displays40 viewsFor the main display I'm using a VIZIO 40" 4k screen. At the corners I have an 8" windows tablet and a 7" standard monitor. Both of these are running z1 Dashboard. I've tried just about all of the second screen/telemetry apps and z1 is hands down my favorite. It has more screens than any other I tried and it works with pretty much every modern sim.

Next to that is a laptop running pcars dash.
Oct 10, 2016

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